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Mini Manicure – Dry Manicure

Duration: 20 min

Cost: $43
Hands sanitized, Nails Trimmed & shaped, Cuticles Tidied, and nails polished finished with 95% organic cuticle oil.

Classic Manicure

Duration: 45 min

Cost: $58

Hands sanitized, Penetrating Soak, Nails Trimmed & shaped, Cuticles tidied, hand massage, and nails polished finished with 95% organic cuticle oil.

Mini Pedicure – Dry in chair

Duration: 20 min

Cost: $53
Pedicure Chair Shiatsu Spa Massage, Feet sanitized,  Nails Trimmed & Shaped, Cuticles Tidied and Nails polished finished with 95% organic cuticle oil.

Classic Pedicure

Duration: 50 min

Cost: $78

Pedicure Chair Shiatsu Spa Massage, Feet sanitized, Deep Penetrating Soak, Nails Trimmed & Shaped, Cuticles Tidied, Callus Buff, Leg & foot massage, and nails polished finished with 95% organic cuticle oil.




Artificial  Services

Acrylic Services

Acrylic/Gel Full Set  or Overlay $93

Acrylic Fill In $68

Acrylic Back Fill $68

Toe Nail or One Nail Fill in $7

Toe Nail or One Nail New $13

Acrylic Soak off $28

Add-on Services

Gel Polish Topcoat $10

French Polish $10

Art Work $5 - $20

Cut Down Only $18

Extra Long Nails $10

Gel Polish Soak Off $18

Repairs $5 Per Nail

Regular Polish Change $23

Gel Polish w/Mini Mani $53

Massage  Services

Orchid Release Massage 

Feeling stressed; with limited time? Release the tension in your head, neck, and shoulders

while increasing oxygen, stimulating hair growth, and improving blood flow. 

30min $70 


Orchid Leg & Foot Massage 

Release the tension in your Legs and feet while increasing circulation and removing tension. 

30min $70 


Orchid Swedish Massage 

Improve circulation, increase lymph node drainage, and decrease muscle tension with

this relaxed  and balanced full-body massage. 

60min $110 | 90min $160 


Orchid Thai Hot Oil Massage 

Allow this Thai Hot Oil massage to penetrate your skin while receiving stretching,

kneading, and rhythmic pressure during this massage. 

60min $120 | 90min $160 


Orchid Sports Massage 

Embrace this intensely deep tissue massage which will release those strained muscles. This Athletic Massage will increase blood flow and improve flexibility while promoting faster healing. 

60min $120 | 90min $175 


Orchid Hot Stone Massage 

Let the heat from the stones gently penetrate your muscles and melt away tension while you indulge in our hot stone massage. With the added benefit of an array of techniques this massage will ease your aches and pains  

60min $120 | 90min $160 


Orchid Classic Massage 

With an array of techniques inclusive of long gliding strokes, firm kneading, and stretching,

this full body massage is the ultimate relaxation you deserve. 

60min $100 | 90min $160 

Orchid Signature Massage 

Let our skilled therapist combine the Hot Oil, Hot Stone, and Herbal Press  

to provide you with the ultimate signature service.   

60min $175 | 90min $250 

Thank you for considering Orchid Spa, please be advised that we respect all of our clients and have applied the following regulations to ensure timely services. Any client arriving 15 minutes over their scheduled natural nail service will be downgraded based on availability. All clients receiving artificial services will be denied service if arrival is more than 10 minutes past the scheduled time.  Our goal is to ensure all clients depart on time and receive their full service. We thank you for your consideration of the next client.  In the event you have any issues with your nail services within the first 5 days, pop in and speak with the front desk for a full refund or complimentary fix.


Please be advised that Orchid Management and staff have the right to refuse any customer. 

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